The Left wants you to pay for abortions


An Evening To Stand With & Pray For Israel - Sunday, October 22nd

Townhall Meeting for Life

Damar Hamlin and the Power of Prayer

Praying for the 118th Congress


How Does the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act Impact the Family?

U.S. Senate Passes the (Dis)Respect for Marriage

U.S. Senate Vote to Redefine Marriage

Election Night 2022 Special Coverage

2022 Election, What is at Stake?

Pray Vote Stand Townhall: The Rise of the Term Christian Nationalism

The Truth Doesn't Change. The GOP Must Defend Marriage.

America's Crisis of the Heart.

I have set before you life and death... therefore choose life.

The Hope of the World

Dobbs: The Beginning of the End to Abortion?

A Time for Gratitude

Honoring God and Caesar in the Age of Government Mandates

Praying for a Post-Roe America

A Nation Bordering on Lawlessness

Biden's Anti-Family Budget Buster

When Government Expels Parents From School

Biden's Mandates and Your Freedom

America's Foreign Policy: The State of Faith & Freedom

Immune to Reason: Biden's Mandate Ignites a Nation

The Left wants you to pay for abortions

The Cuban Cry for Freedom

America's Crime Wave

Hope for the Persecuted

The Birth of America

The Battle for America's Schools

Life is Winning in America

How Should Christians Respond to LGBT "Pride"?

Critical Race Theory

How Should Christians Respond to Religious Hostility?

Israel Under Siege

Biden's "American Families Plan"

Biden's War on Religious Freedom

Biden's First 100 Days

A Nation Crying Out for Justice

Corporate Woke-ism in Election Reform

The Filibuster: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Protecting Children from Gender Confusion

Is "Fairness For All" Really Fair?

HR 1's Attempt to Destroy Free and Fair Elections

Unashamed of the Gospel

The Price of Religious Freedom

A Special Call to Prayer For Those Affected by Winter Storms

Townhall Meeting: The Way Forward

Biden is Building Walls Instead of Bridges

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